Book Signings and Presentations

Don’t Miss Annie at the following locations!

Administration on Developmental Disabilities Envisioning the Future Summit Series. Your registration is complete and we are excited to tell you that you will be testifying.

Your topic: Aging
Your city: Philadelphia
Your date: October 18, 2010 8am-4pm

All presenters are asked to arrive at 8:00 am to sign in. At this time you will be given a specific speaking slot during the day. Speakers will be presenting in the following order:

10-11:15              Childhood

and 1:15-1:45      Adulthood

1:45-2:30            Aging

2:30-3:30            Family and other supports


October 8, 201  Book Signing at the Penn State Capus Book Store – HUB Ground floor

September 20-23 in State College, PA.  This is a  state-wide conference for  rehabilitation professionals “Multi culture Perspectives on Rehabilitation”

October 7, 2010 – Intro course in the College of Education, Education Theory & Policy


One Response to Book Signings and Presentations

  1. Annie Harris has accepted an invitation from the Administration on Developmental Disabilities to speak at a summit titled; “Developmental Disabilities: Where do we go from here/” to be held at the Marriott Hotel in Midtown Philadelphia. Her topic will be “Aging with a Disability.” Miss Harris is the only known African American with cerebral palsy to be living independently. In November she will celebrate over 6 decades of life!

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